Hey there!

I’m Megan “Mae” Bowen and have been strength training since November 2017. My journey under the barbell has been incredibly rewarding, and it’s lessons have positively transformed my day to day life. Here are some links to blogs with my personal journey with strength training and nutrition: Finding Strength To Move On, Six things I Learned Losing 60lbs

I love helping everyone with their pursuit to strength, but I excel most in helping those with body re-composition goals, individuals wanting to create long lasting lifestyle changes, and those with a desire to increase their strength mentally and physically with the barbell. I train 4 days a week in my home gym and I compete in USSF competitions. My current personal records for singles are: Squat: 250lbs, Overhead Press:110lbs, Deadlift: 315lbs. I have currently lost 60lbs total, and eight inches from my waist, and ten inches from my hips.

I currently live in the Augusta, GA area. In my free time I enjoy cooking new creations, painting, and reading. I have two fur babies who meow at me to do their bidding. Their names are Archer and Seneca. I have shared the past fourteen years with my incredibly supportive partner by my side, who reluctantly accepted the two cats then ended up with more cuddling benefits than I. I’m a complete nerd and enjoy studying trauma impacts, human behavior, psychology, and anatomy and physiology for fun. I have been a birth photographer and doula as my professional career since 2013 which has given me an incredible perspective on love and life.

I have completed the thorough six month barbell coaching academy course from Barbell Logic in December 2019. I am currently working towards the lengthy and thorough process of attaining several certifications:

Professional Barbell Coach from Barbell Logic (PBC)

Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coaching from Girls Gone Strong (CPPC)

Level One Nutrition Coach from Precision Nutrition (PN1)

Level One Women’s Coaching Specialist from Girls Gone Strong (GGS-1)

In Strength – Megan